The Secret Behind Happiness and the Ocean

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January 7, 2018
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January 19, 2018
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The Secret Behind Happiness and the Ocean

It’s simple really, and we don’t often think too much into why the ocean makes us happy. We often take it for granted, the ability to close our eyes, picture the ocean, and our mind is suddenly at ease. Often used we use it as a meditation technique, and sometimes we daydream of being stress-free and that image looks like us, on the beach, with never-ending Summer days.

But maybe there is a reason for that, and we want to dive deeper with this concept. Why does the ocean seem to soothe our soul? Why is it so universal?

We are often overstimulated

We live in a world with high stimulation, from radios to TVs, and high noises in the city and working life. Ad’s are often everywhere, in everything, constantly placing a stimulus on our minds. It’s now a normal thing to have a busy and noisy mind, and we often forget the benefit of solitude, mindfulness, and quiet. The ocean is a gentle stimulus. Visually, it’s not stale, but it’s gentle in movement and in noise, often mimicking our breathing.

It’s easier to meditate near water

Drawing in from our last concept, this makes the ocean and other bodies of water places that are easier to meditate around. Benefits of meditation include decrease in stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems.

The Ocean makes us feel small

At first, that statement may seem like a bad thing, but feeling small can be great for feeling grounded. It’s the sense of being closer and connected to life around you. There is certainly some clarity to be gained when you feel smaller against a majestic backdrop, and it takes you out of your “you” thinking. This is often why ceremonies and weddings are often done by the beach to represent harmony.

Blue is the color of creativity

Having a  meditative and relaxing space isn’t just good for stress, but it’s great for creativity. It’s very difficult to step into a creative space when you have too much noise in your mind. Often times, your best ideas are buried deep within, and are cluttered with day to day thoughts. So if you’ve been lingering on ideas, and unsure which path to follow, or there is an elusive answer to your problem, try being by the ocean. Often times the answer is waiting to spring free the moment you set yourself free!

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