Stewards of Our Ocean

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December 1, 2017
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December 8, 2017
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Stewards of Our Ocean

We wanted to bring a spotlight to the San Diego Coastkeeper, which is a non-profit organization in San Diego responsible for monitoring the health of our water and oceans in this city. While there are laws that have been passed by California and the local government that promote environmentalism, it is often not reinforced, and one of the watchdogs we have to monitor and report conditions are organizations such as the San Diego Coastkeeper.

Besides giving crucial analytics to track our progress or where we need to change, they are also at the forefront of educating our youth to become the stewards of our ocean. Children are naturally curious, are easily impacted to change their ways when presented evidence. One of the most important demonstrations that impact kids are teaching them about wasteful plastic, and how much resources it takes to create things like straws and plastic cups that wind up poisoning marine wildlife.

Here at California Paddleboard Tours, the ocean is our backyard and we care deeply about the health of the water and its inhabitants. So raising awareness about the protectors and those who are monitoring the oceans is important, and we hope you share this information with the people you know as well!

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