Paddleboarding with Chickens?

The San Diego River
December 21, 2017
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December 26, 2017
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Paddleboarding with Chickens?

If you’re into the SUP community you probably think you’ve seen it all. Paddleboard yoga, paddleboarding dogs, or paddleboarding groups dressed as Santas or witches. But now we have new level of paddleboarding, and that’s SUP with chickens! I guess I should start with the growing trend in the US for adopting unusual pets as household pets, and there has been an increase in either bringing in traditional farm animals or exotic animals into the home. And not only has unusual pets increased in homeowners, but taking them out in public is becoming slowly normalized as well.

Personally, I’ve seen people bring in anything from toads, large snakes, and chickens into a major coffee chain store I worked at for a year in Lemon Grove, San Diego. The comedy is found in I never thought taking on a job as a barista would involve me explaining to a lady that just because her chicken was in a stroller did not mean that she could bring it in for coffee!

Well we hope that this video makes you smile, because it’s not only unusual but very sweet. This paddleboarder seems to have a better understanding of her chicken’s emotions and preferences than some people do of their dogs. Maybe chickens in public and on paddleboards should be the norm!



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