Witches on the Water!

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October 30, 2017
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November 2, 2017
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Witches on the Water!

Tis the season to be spooky! We trust everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this year. If you were in San Diego you’ve probably have wondered where Fall went with all the unusual heat? Not many people can paddleboard comfortably in October, and we were lucky enough to have some sunshine to be part of the action!

However, up north in Portland, cold weather and ghouls didn’t stop these ladies from hitting the water for some good old fashion fun. A coven of witches with their faces painted and pointy hats gathered on their paddleboards and got wicked on the water. Portland is known for it’s eccentric and open population, so in a place where people host regular pagan potlucks in the park, can we really expect anything less?

In San Diego we say “Stay Classy!” in Portland it’s “Be Unique!” What we can take away from all of this is don’t be afraid to make your paddleboard adventure however you want it to be.

Photo credit: Ginny Kauffman.

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