Sandy Spotlight: San Diego Tide Pools

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November 1, 2017
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November 4, 2017
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Sandy Spotlight: San Diego Tide Pools

When the ocean is at a low tide you can find lots of people tide-pooling in one of the many great spots here in San Diego. It’s amazing being able to see the diverse animal and plant life such as sea slugs, anemones, starfish, and other living things that make tide-pools their home. San Diego has many places to go tide-pooling and not only is it something fun to do, but you experience local nature!

The best times to go are late-fall and winter. Remember, everything you see or touch at a tide-pool is not for you to keep. These are homes to many creatures and organisms so its best to admire them and leave them where they are. A great way to explore these habitats is to gently wade and walk through in swimmer’s shoes. You can gently lift large rocks to find many creatures taking refuge underneath, just be gentle putting it back. Take pictures and adjust your eyes, the more you look into a pool the more tiny life you’ll see swimming around you didn’t notice before! Some of these pools require a little hike but trust me its always worth it.

Point Loma

Some pools are very easily accessible and experience the highest concentration of visitors, and others area bit of hike to get there.

Cardiff State Beach


Also very accessible, and surrounded by touristy beach shops.

Torrey Pines

This can be a bit of hike and a challenge to get to, but the hidden gems are worth it for the adventurer who wants to go deeper with San Diego

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